Direct Digital Synthesis Functions generators

Générateurs de fonctions à synthèse numérique directe :

DDS function generators, ie to Direct Digital Synthesis, provides high accuracy and excellent stability of the much higher frequency that can be achieved with an analog generator. Digital generators can produce more standard waveforms.

This technique provides both accuracy and exceptional stability, high spectral purity, low phase noise and excellent frequency agility.

DDS generator can scan a wider range of frequencies and maintains a constant phase in the frequency hopping.

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GF 266
Direct digital synthesis function generator

EAN CODE : 3760244880451

Functions generators 11 µHz to 12 MHz DDS
- Interfaces : RS232, (USB or LAN)*, LabView

- Very high frequency accuracy (0,005 %)

with display over 4 ou 10 digits.
- Very high sine quality (distorsion <0,1 %).
- Storage for 14 setups and parameters.
- 50 ohms and TTL outputs protected up to ±60 V.

*USB option : USBRS232

*LAN option : RSETHER 

Norme RoHS

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USBRS232 Adaptator

* Adaptator USBRS232 option

Kit for 3-wire communication (GND, RX, TX).
Not compatible with hardware flow control (5 or 7 wires).

Length : ~ 180cm

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Kit Adaptater RS232, RS485, RS422 to ETHERNET

*LAN Option : kit adaptater RS232, RS485,RS422 to ETHERNET

Kit for LAN communication

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