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Din Rail and bench PSU

French manufacturer specialist in the design and development of : laboratory and OEM power supplies, functions generators, decades boxes, digital panel meters.
These products are mainly destined for markets : R & D / Education / Industry and Tertiary.

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local : production

consumption : rational

Test & mesure

Electronic test laboratories, R&D, design offices, schools, after sales services, maintenance and calibration

Automatism & control

OEM markets, panel builders, machine builders, energy management, building management, heating, factory automation, staircases, doors, lifts, home automation, monitoring, control, security, backup systems


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ALR3203 : Ultra-compact programmable power supply

elc advantages

The elc spirit : SATISFY to be SATISFIED


Research and development of smart features that facilitate use and management.


Customer satisfaction is a key issue for elc. With this in mind, our teams deploy all their know-how to make products practical, right from the research and development phase, while taking into account the standards and directives in force as well as the quality constraints.


  • Durable construction > 10 years,
  • Repairable products, beyond 10 years.
  • Spare parts available as long as possibleBetter efficiency : less energy consumption
  • Choice of recyclable materials and equipment
  • Absence of hazardous substances


Experience since 1973

A know-how recognized by professionals, supported by a network of specialized distributors of international renown, Specialist, Responsive and friendly


Research and development of smart features, universal products to facilitate the use, storage and referencing of products.


Since 1973 recognized in France and internationally mainly in the field of electronic power supplies, signal generators and decade boxes

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elc spirit

Since 1973

Made In France

Present in over 20 countries

25% of turnover invested in R&D